Current delivery time: As usual, 2-7 working days!Corona FAQ
Current delivery time: As usual, 2-7 working days!Corona FAQ

Gain from the power of Babolat tennis balls

Babolat tennis balls come with some hallmarks of top quality. The Babolat French Open 3 Ball Tube, for example, gives you the chance to practice with the same products as the international tennis champions who play at the French Open thanks to Babolat's status as an official supplier. With a range of different designs and ball-construction options available, Babolat balls are versatile and diverse. The pressurised balls in the Babolat Team 3 Ball Tube, for example, are made from a tried and tested mixture of top-end felt and rubber to provide reliability and durability over time.

What's more, many products in Tennis-Point's Babolat range have been endorsed by a variety of international tennis bodies such as the Fédération Française de Tennis and the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, which means you can buy these products with confidence, knowing that you'll receive a peer-reviewed, high-standard item.

When you buy online from Tennis-Point, you've got a range of choices when it comes to the quantity of your new Babolat tennis balls. If your casual practice supply is running low and you require just a handful of balls, for example, you can opt for a single four-pack, but if you need a much larger stock as your busy tournament season gets into full swing, then you can opt for as many as 72 balls per box.

Buy your Babolat balls, sportswear and tournament gear online today

We always strive to put the needs of our customers first here at Tennis-Point; buying sport equipment from top brands couldn't be easier. Balls are available at affordable and competitive prices thanks to our price guarantee, which means you can shop while knowing you won't find a better deal anywhere else.

We're happy to accept a wide range of payment options when it comes to settling the bill for your new Babolat tennis balls. These include Visa, PayPal, bank transfer and more, so you can pay your way. And with our commitment to data security in force, your payment information will always be protected when it goes through our secure payment system. Enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience today.